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Gaspar - "Listen to your heart"

Текст песни:

First meet is over
Last time happened
Like 2 angels: girl and boy we weren’t to play this
My heart belongs to you… you’ve had to say this
I remember first time it was the greatest
Manly our eyes it was as a basis
Step to our target, forget about the problem
Look at my hands, shaking like a barmen battle
Touching her inside or expecting super model
Swimming in the money her smell like fresh garden
Go to a park or jumping in the forest grass
My mind shine I can’t see somewhere else
Tell me is it love or different express
I know you love the children
I like them baby too..... Please trust me… I always tell you truth
Tsss… look sleepy baby he doesn’t want nobody else
Just soft pillow cover and some toys I guess

I hypothesize that people won’t have any war
1945 we are done after that enough
Only love, kind and smile
Your chose LV or Gucci what’s new?
The film from the Fuji
England London Paris France are you may be tired?
Waiting for a new entertainment or go to Cali
Unfortunately I’ve met the person who
Forget own personality and changing to the money
I have had call you my honey
Damn in 5 years became funny during
Everybody got a deal I did it without one
Talking close my business
Killing to each other they don’t have at the this list
Everyone who in front of me asking for forgiveness
Person who was speechless now creates his brand list
YOU know what?
My brain sleeping in the gas
No brake pedals no such thing as last.
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