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Our Broken Garden - "Garden Grow"

Текст песни:

Rip out my heart if you have to.
Bring back the color in my veins
Let the bindweed grow in my bones.
And high above my head.

I don't wanna stay,
In here among the dead.

Make my lips bleed if you have to.
Throw me naked on the floor.
Just wake me from my sleep with scents from the apples.
Oh, how I miss them so.

As I watch them grow.

Garden grow.
Wake me, break me.
Garden grow.
Make me, shake me.

Push out the lid if you have to.
Let out all the evils from jar
Let them wail and howl in my bones.
I'll keep the vicious in my heart.

Watch them.
And melt them into art

Garden grow.
Wake me, break me.
Garden grow.
Shake me, make me.
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