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Enrique Iglesias - "Push"

Текст песни:

Verse 1

[Lil' Wayne]
Fly boy yeah right
Hey mamma they call me Wheezy
You should be with me I gotta pocket full of reasons
Baby I can bless you when you ain't even sneezing
I be at your rescue when you don't even need me
I can have you dreaming when you even sleeping
Mamma I can help you get off like the weekend
You said what you wanna do it to the new Enrique
I put this in and put the song on replay
And then she backed it up like

When you need it
Girl I try to hide it
But I can't escape it oh baby
Please forgive me
When I think of you my thoughts are so x-rated oh baby

Baby I don't give a damn
I know that you don't romance no one insight oh oh
And your eyes don't tell a lie
I know you wanna come with me tonight
And I'll see you right
But first you gotta

Push push back upon it (girl)
Make me believe you want it
Push push back upon it (girl)
Know I can't go on longing
Push push back upon it (girl)
Go ahead lay it on it (Don't stop)
Don't stop until the morning (girl)
Just keep pushing back on it

Do you want me (You know it)
Do you need me (You know it)
Will you please me (You know it)
Will you tease me (You know it)

Verse 2

Baby I,
I'm the kinda guy that don't get real excited (oh baby)
When you have,
When you have you're private party I hope that I'm invited
(oh baby)

Baby I don't give a damn
I know you not romancing no one insight whoa (what your man
gotta do with me, tell me)
And your eyes don't tell a lie
I know you wanna come with me tonight
And I'll see you right
But first you gotta


Verse 3

[Lil' Wayne]
Now after you back it up just stop
Now drop it like it’s hot, and pop it like a glock
And stop it like a watch, now move it like

Your body screaming and your booty is an outburst
She wanna do it do it with no delay
I told her I can run it run it just like relay
'cause I'm cool, just like the breeze way
Now push it like salt and PE-PE-PE-A


Push push (girl) (Mr. Morales)
Push push (girl)
Push push (girl)
Push push
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